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We’re not reinventing food or agriculture, but we’re eliminating the emissions.

The ruminant in the room.

As the global population grows, so to does the demand for meat and dairy products. That of course means we need more livestock, which are notorious methane producing machines, currently contributing up to 15% of global greenhouse gasses.

A number set to go up with demand, and worse still these methane emissions are about 80 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.



Cattle & sheep worldwide


Global greenhouse gasses emitted from livestock



Arable land used just to produce livestock feed


Percentage of US water usage used to produce crops for animal feed


Government & regulators are demanding change.

The "methane moment" from COP26 is turning into a "methane movement" with over 155 countries now participating in the Global Methane Pledge.


Governments are creating policy faster than solutions can get to market. Corporations need viable tools to meet their ambitious 2030 emission targets.


We are working with farmers to get our product into their hands, so that they don't have to cut production to meet regulations.

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One small change could change everything.

By adding as little as 25 grams of our BetterFeed additive to daily cattle feed we could reduce ruminant methane by up to 90%.

Our mission is to decarbonise agriculture and feed our growing population. We can achieve this by harnessing the power of anaerobic digestion, which converts non-edible plant material into protein rich and nutritious foods. We're changing feed, to feed change.



Carbon neutral food

We're using Performance Digestion to deliver a carbon negative food production platform


More productive livestock

Our products are expected to improve Feed Conversion Ratios by up to 5%



Less methane

Our products are expected to reduce ruminant methane by up to 90%.


Scalable, till the cows come home.

Simplicity is the key to our affordability and effectiveness. We make sure our products can be rapidly made available all over the world at enormous scale. We don't need to grow novel seaweed farms to bring our product to market.



Just one production plant...

...can produce enough feed to supply Australia's...

and California’s entire dairy and feedlot animal populations.


Made with farmers,
for farmers.

We've worked with farmers to build a product that gives them what they want. It doesn't harm animals, is affordable, creates consistent productivity gains, and can be delivered easily. We call it BetterFeed™.

Good people, doing good work with real impact.

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Meet our passionate team of good-doers.

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